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Graphic Design Process

First off, what do we mean by Graphic Design Process? Put simply, the graphic design process describes the different stages of a design project. A design without thought probably won’t communicate what your business is all about. My design process will vary depending of the type of project I receive but generally speaking, the following processes outlined, stay true for most designs.


During this stage, I try to gauge a better understanding of exactly what you as the customer wants to communicate through the design. In order to do this effectively, I will need to understand the business, the target demographics, brand value and vision as well as main competitors.

Idea Generation

 So now that the planning is out of the way, I can start on the fun creative stuff! This stage is all about experimentation, whether it be with visuals, type, colours and so on. Don’t expect to be sent any hand drawn sketches (never been a strong point for me)


Now that the experimenting is over, it is time to start focusing on around 3 strong concepts to further develop. The reason I say strong is because often you will see companies develop one good design along with two average designs. That is not how I work. I feel 3 concepts is a good number because it lets the client see variations on a design meaning that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a design that works for you.

Make Necessary Amendments

Once the artwork is sent to the client, I encourage feedback, after all, I don’t expect it to be perfect first time! After the client has chosen a design that they wish to proceed with, I am happy to make numerous amendments until the design is at the stage where the client is happy.


And that’s a wrap… Once the client is happy with the design, it is theirs to keep! That is why I provide the file in a number of different file formats including the source file. You would be surprised by the number of companies that only provide your logo as a jpeg and then decide to ignore you when you request the other file formats that you paid for. What good is a jpeg, if you were to want your logo printed on a van for example. When blown up, it would simply pixelate and that doesn’t look professional.

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